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Good day! Hello! Nihao!你好!1st Lesson for free ~
My name is Chenchen, I am a native Mandarin / Chinese speaker who pasted the Mandarin National Test with 2A in the equivalent of Mandarin teacher in China, currently live in Charlottenburg, Berlin. On top of that, I am capable of speaking English with IELTS 7.0 which is the equivalent of the C1 level. I have finished my master’s degree with distinction (First Honors 1: 1) at Trinity College Dublin and looking for mandarin teaching / coaching as a part-time job in Berlin. I am flexible to teach Mandarin either in English or Chinese as you prefer. as well as accommodate my living room as a studying place or proceed to your preferred comfortable place.I have been conducting private Mandarin lessons in the past 9 years while I was living outside of China, if you are looking for a tailored Mandarin session, please feel free to send me a message. 1st Lesson for free ~
Good day! Xiexie!


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