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My name is Tanvi Mishra Rittmann and I am a permanent resident in Hamburg, but I originally come from India. I have five years of experience in various fields of communication in NGOs and the private sector alike, and am a humanitarian. Before coming to Germany on a BMZ fellowship to work in an international NGO, I worked in two other NGOs in Delhi. I have  also worked as a Senior Account Manager for a digital marketing agency representing Pearson education where my primary role was content creation. I was responsible for all of their online content including their blogs, videos, ads, etc. I have also worked for a national newspaper (English) in Mumbai as a copy editor and proofreader, and I have a master’s in journalism and another Dual Degree in Global Studies.

In my role as Communications Officer at Transparency International India, along with creating all their external communications, I also worked with various stakeholders to build better coordination and bring sustainable practices between the government and civil society. I continued content creation work in two other NGOs in India and Germany.

Please send me a message if you want to see my resume.

I have recently graduated from Leipzig and Ghent University with a dual master’s degree in Global Studies, and am taking some time before I apply for a PhD.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Telefonnummer:+49 15733561708


  • Training and Facilitation Skills

    KURVE Wustrow, Center for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action,

    1. Februar 2017 - 1. Februar 2017

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